Why Don’t We Sell Cheap Minkeyelash Products (Poor Quality Products)?

The Mink Eyelash products sold by Cheap Eyelash Vendors are not Mink Eyelashes at all, but are made of cheap chemical fibers. Although some suppliers claim that they sell Mink Eyelashes, these Fake Mink Eyelashes are chemically synthesized and can cause damage to your eyes.

Faux Lashes

Definitely You buy cheap eyelashes, which have very hard roots. When your customers wears it, it is like wearing a metal wire. I believe he will not buy your products again.
Due to the low price, the eyelash styles you buy are stiff, and customers will never choose products that look cheap!

3D Minklash Vendors 25mm Minklash Vendors Wholesale

3D Minklash Vendors 25mm Minklash Vendors Wholesale

The Faux Eyelashes you buy will fall because they are made of Cheap Glue.The eyelashes you buy smell chemical, this is the smell of perm, which is carcinogenic.The Faux Eyelashes you buy are manufactured by manual and semi-automatic machines, and can produce more than 100 pairs per day. We are 100% Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale, and a technician can only make 10 pairs a day. What do you think is the difference between producing 100 pairs of products a day and Handmade producing 10 pairs of products?

7D03 20mm Minklashes Wholesale Price Eyelash Vendor

20mm Minklashes Wholesale Price Eyelash Vendor

Therefore, when you buy mink eyelashes, you can first determine the quality of mink eyelashes by price. For cost reasons, high-priced mink eyelashes are not necessarily good eyelashes, but low-priced eyelashes must be of poor quality!

Thank you for your Support and trust in Cartire Lashes products. We will continue to ensure the quality of our wholesale Mink Lashes and provide you with better services.


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