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False Eyelashes Cartire Lashes Company

Cartire Lashes Company was established in may 2006 in Qingdao, China with manufacturing beauty fake eyelashes. More than 800 staffs in the Cartire Lashes Company, the annual production capacity of 30 million pairs false eyelashes, is the top export factories among fake eyelashes. We’ve got a fantastic selection of false eyelashes on offer, from some of the very biggest brands in the business Horse Hair Lashes.

High quality China false lashes with factory wholesale price and the Private label boxes, we supply premium China top quality hot fashionable false eyelashes Horse Hair Lashes with Worldwide shipping. You can get the luxury package box for false eyelashes. We can specifically design new style fake mink eyelashes with glitter box for you.

We’re in top fashion to false lashes, you can be sure that the next big thing and the hottest styles will always be on in good time.If you’re looking for fake eyelashes with easy to wear or cost time and money, you’ll love our range of premium silk and mink lashes. If possible tell your friends and family, for news of the latest design and We have exported our designed false eyelashes to many countries, like America, Australia,Europe, Middle East and Asia Horse Hair Lashes…

3D Mink Lashes from Cartire Lashes Company  are double stacked for extra impact and eye beauty ! Lashes in various lengths culminate to offer a wispy look once applied. You will be happy with these beauty gift – that’s for sure.

  • Easy to apply Horse Hair Lashes
  • The Most Comfortable False Lashes Horse Hair Lashes.
  • 100% Mink Fur&100% Hand Crafted.

If you want a personalised false lashes from our 3D eyelashes or mink lashes range, please feel free to call us and one of our team will be glad to assist you. Look no further for an outstanding range of mink eyelashes – we’ve well and truly got you covered!

Are you someone who wants to have great looking makeup but doesn’t always have the time to fit it into your busy day. Minimal tools, ease of application and simplicity is the key when your applying your makeup on the run. The following article looks at the easiest and quickest tips and techniques that can be worked with any set of colors

Concealer: This is a miracle little paste Mink Lashes Factory that is fast and easy to apply, that helps to even out skin tone and give lift to under eye circles.

Foundation: You have a couple of options here depending on your skin type. If you have dry mature skin, simply carry a tinted moisturizer with you that you can apply throughout the day to give your skin a continuous moisture boost. Make sure you buy one with an SPF in that will help par down your beauty routine even further. If you have oily skin use a powder foundation blending it down your T zone and dabbing areas that need it most. Splash out on a foundation compact that can be applied regularly to help minimize shine throughout the day.

Powder: This is going to be an indispensable part of your tool kit. Ensure you carry a powder compact with you which will help your base to last longer, giving your face a smooth finish. You can even brush it over a clean moisturized face for a fresh no makeup look, powder will help keep oil under control to prevent slippage and smudging, that you would otherwise have to touch up regularly, your makeup won’t last the day without it.

Blusher: Sweep a natural gel or cream based blusher color onto the apples of your cheeks. If your cheeks are naturally rosy leave them to Mother Nature and skip the blusher, letting your natural skin tone shine through.

Eyeliner: Use a liquid liner just across the top of your eyelashes for that all day staying power.

Eyeshadow: Blend a light powder shadow over the entire eyelid, being careful not to go beyond the crease line. Use a matte base for long lasting durability.


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