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False Eyelashes Cluster Eyelash

False eyelashes Cluster Eyelash LED color light

Wholesale price premium false eyelashes Cluster Eyelash with glitter golden customized box, Our false eyelashes is new design and hot fashionable. From our lashes factory You directly get the most luxurious false lashes in the world. You can get the big discount and fantastic design, FREE SAMPLE is available. Waiting your inquiry.False eyelashes with the LED color light, it will be a play for yourself!

The summer of cosmetics will upstage the lot, let Scarlett frequently sigh, beauty technology develop fast, almost cannot keep pace with the latest trend, which turned out to be a LED lamp for false lashes!False eyelashes are also for yourself,Install the discoloration LED lamp PLAY.False eyelashes with LED lights Cluster Eyelash.

The magic eyelashes Cluster Eyelash was invented by designer Tien Pham, in conference Maker Faire 2017 , he presented a new concept, flashing red, blue, pink, blue, white, yellow, green several light, on Party every body urgently need a pair.

At the scene the green hair brother tried LED 3d false mink lashes, the effect is very…… Thailand wind, with his fishing net T-shirt become more enchanting. It is reported that the LED 3d faux mink eyelashes will soon be landed on the Kickstarter public web site, but the specific price is still unknown Cluster Eyelash.

Colorful colored False eyelashes

The wind blew very much on the eyelashes for two years, and the color 3d mink eyelashes are popular from last year’s fashion week to this summer.

These color mink eyelashes are very suitable for colorful summer, saturated, exaggerated color full of color!

Lazy girls can save a lot of color makeup, eyelashes as eye focus. Of course, run down it, a set of color eye shadow is very upstage echo!

Many cosmetic brands have also launched the same color mascara, want a piece, the girls wallet will tightly hold!

Artistic false eyelashes

The flower style false eyelashes can not only be as simple as painted color, and the color mink eyelashes factory are just a piece of cake compared to the above. The mink lashes of the artistic creation are from the hand of the designer Miyuki, and the gorgeous and boasting of feel is really Japanese!

This false eyelash is almost bigger than the eye. It is inspired by the art of paper-cut, exquisite and meticulous.


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