3D Faux Mink Lashes

Little known 3d faux mink lashes

So now that you have seen the incredible results of 3d faux mink lashes , we want you to know a few 3d faux mink lashes facts to make the most out of your beauty investment.

Must-know facts about 3d faux mink eyelashes :3d faux mink eyelashes are not “one size fits all”. Everyone’s lashes are different and 3d faux mink lashes should be customized to each individual for the correct length and thickness to suit their look and ensure the health of their 3d faux mink eyelashes . Not everyone can or should get super long or super thick 3d faux mink eyelashes !

A full set of Mink lashes is not all one length. The shape of your lash line tapers – it’s longer in the center and shorter on the outsides and your Mink lashes should be too. Following the design of the natural lashes creates natural-looking 3d faux mink lashes !

Natural lashes grow to a finite length (different for each person), fall out and are replaced by new growth, just like the hairs on your head. When Mink lashes are applied and maintained correctly, they will grow out with your natural lash and still be attached to the lash when it sheds.

Natural lashes are constantly growing in and falling out at different times so your Mink lashes will too! There is no set amount of time that Mink lashes will last because they will shed with the natural lash they are attached to when it grows out and that time varies. Due to growth cycles and different stages, the best estimate is that you will shed 1-5 natural lashes per day – including those with Mink lashes and those without. Frequent re-lashes will replace those that have shed to maintain a full look.

You should be seeing your natural lashes and 3d faux mink lashes fall out together. This is normal. If your extensions fall off before the natural mink eyelash, the adhesive bond wasn’t strong enough or maintenance instructions were not followed correctly.

You CAN wear makeup with Mink lashes but it has to be formulated for compatibility. Cartirelashes Mink Lashes offers a full line of cosmetics and skin care specifically designed for Mink lashes. Ask your Cartirelashes Lashes Lash Stylist about these products or shop online.

Mink lashes adhesive is designed to create a permanent bond between the extension and the natural lash. It is nearly impossible to remove Mink lashes yourself without damaging your natural lashes. See a professional if you need removal!

Everyone woman wishes she had beautiful and longer lashes. Unfortunately, all women are not blessed with those movie star like longer lash. That’s okay though, because we’re going to talk about a few simple tips you can employ to enhancer your eyelashes like never before.

Longer Lash Tip #1 – Eyelash Conditioner

Eyelash conditioners are a relatively new development in the realm of eyelash enhancers. These lash cosmetics are designed to strengthen the lash hair follicles and protect your eyelashes from harmful environmental effects. In addition to providing this dual layer level of protecting your eyelash growth is further fortified by essential minerals and ingredients. These minerals are key to developing healthy new hair growth while protecting your existing growth.

Longer Lash Tip #2 – Eyelash Curler

As you begin to encourage and develop new growth you’ll discover new techniques to further pop your eyelashes. One of the most simple and effective eyelash enhancer techniques is using a basic eyelash curler. You can pickup a curler inexpensively at most stores that carry cosmetic or beauty items. Eyelash curlers are easy to use and will give you that longer lash look you really want to see.

Longer Lash Tip #3 – Using Mascara and Vaseline

Mascara is perhaps the most common way to increase the healthy and beautiful lash look you’re seeking. You will want to use a straight brush to apply the mascara horizontally. Using dark mascara will help your eyelashes look longer and fuller. That said, you may want to try different colors to see those colors which help pop your eyelashes the best. If you do elect to use mascara make sure you curl your lashes prior to applying the mascara.

You could also use Vaseline instead of mascara. Many women find that Vaseline is simply a better alternative, offering a healthy glow with a very light and easy application process.

Longer Lash Tip #4 – Powdering Eyelashes

After you’ve applied your mascara and curled your lashes you may consider also using a basic eyelash powder. Quantity is the key factor here. It’s much better to start with a small amount of powder and add more as needed, excess powder can simply remove the color and sheen from your mascara.