The customer (Cheya) has placed an order for the sixth time in just one month!

Why do we have many customers reorder multiple times within a month?
Because our delivery speed is fast! Because our products are popular, our customers make a lot of money because of our eyelashes and customized packaging, and the business is getting bigger and bigger

Are you still worried about the peak sales season in September, and your suppliers will not be able to deliver on time? Cartire Lashes, China’s Top 5 Mink Eyelash Vendor, we have enough stock and supply to ensure your stocking needs in the peak sales season!!!


Cartire Lashes Delivery

Wholesale Bluk Cargo With FedEx Shipping

The September shopping festival is coming. Would you like to restock? and do you want reorder your want lashes or boxes in earlier? because we need take long time to produce and shipping , so that you can have enough stocks in September and your customers can buy them in time?

Contact Us!!Working with us will make your business Stronger than before!

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