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Mink Eyelashes

How To Look After Your Best Mink Eyelashes

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Hello, today We will give you some tips how you can look after your Mink lashes for longer lasting :)You may be new to Mink lashes or you are a regular lash lover.We think it might be a good idea to share some tip and trick how you can look after them and keep them longer as you wish.

Many people always ask “How long they last?“ when they first get them done.The answer is usually come down to you and how well you look after them.So here are some tips for you:

Avoid contact with water for at least 24 hours. This will allow the adhesive to be bond properly. If you need to wash your face, we recommend to use wet towel to clean your face.

Don’t touch, pluck, rub or pull your Mink lashes. (We know its hard for first time lasher) By doing those things will obviously ruin the look of them and your Mink lashes wont lash long Avoid steamy environment, saunas, hot showers, spas, swimming for at least 48 hrs.

This is allows the adhesive to be cure as strong as possible.Usually Mink lashes won’t last as long on oily skin type. So for those people who have oily skin or combination skin (oily on forehead), we recommend to use blotting paper during the day or anytime you notice that there is too much oil on your face

Oil is an enemy to Mink lashes as it dissolve the adhesive which cause falling. We recommend to use oil-free or water based make up remover and cleansers.Make sure you clean them properly a few times a week with lash cleanser.

After they get wet, dry them with a hair dryer. (Tip: position your hair dryer 30 cms away from your CLOSED eyes and dry them with COOL air and low setting).Brush them when you wake up, before bed and after you dry them

If you need to remove eye make up, cotton tips is perfect. What you need to do is just wiping away from the lash base.We recommend not to use mascara as it will make them look clumpy and it is hard to wash away especially you use water proof mascara

Don’t curl them with lash curler or electronic lash curler as it will them bent..Don’t put strip Mink lashes on as the glue with stuck on the extensions and it is hard to remove. It will prevent the Mink lashes to grow

Don’t try to remove them yourself. It will damage your natural Mink lashes. If you wish to remove them, we can do it for you.This condition is completely normal:

You lose a couple of Mink lashes everyday. Don’t worry as this is longer than your natural Mink lashes so that’s why you notice them. Usually they will fall out attached to your natural Mink lashes as this because your new baby hairs are growing and push them out. Not all of them will fall out at the same time.

Everyone has different hair growth cycle. Some people are faster than others. You will notice that some month your Mink lashes shed faster than other times. This means you have a lot  of new growth, so when you come in for your infill, we will put more Mink lashes. Other times they might still looking great at 4-5 weeks as they are not shed much.

We customize the styles, sizes, curls, lash thicknesses, to suit each individual eye shape, natural lash condition and preference. So please be aware that your Mink lashes might not look the same as your friends even you request the same thing

Right after the lash application, some people with sensitivities might experience some redness or dryness of the eyes. It usually disappear within an hour or so. But if you still concern, we are always here to help.Longer Mink lashes are falling out faster than shorter Mink lashes,If you experience the conditions below, please contact us ASAP.

Red/Swollen eyelids/Intense Itching within a few day after your lash appointment. This could be an allergic reaction. However this is very rare. We usually recommend to get a patch test first before you make an appointment if you are concern

Rapid shedding within 3 days after the application. This is uncommon thing however, if you feel they are shedding faster than other times, please contact us so we can assess your Mink eyelashes and find the solution for you

If you are wearing extensions for a while and you find your eyes sometimes feel gritty- this can mean that you need to clean your Mink eyelashes properly and more frequently. We normally assess your lash line every time you come in. and if we see anything that abnormal we will you advice and give you a solution

If you wish to maintain the fullness of your Mink eyelashes, we suggest you to come in for an infill between 2-4 weeks. However, Timing depends on these factors:

Your hair growth cycle (How fast you are shedding and growing Mink eyelashes ,Your skin type (Oily and Combination skin will make the Mink eyelashes shed faster).

How well you look after them

Generally, the more Mink lashes we apply, the longer they last (more to lose). Also the shorter the Mink lashes, the more full they look and the longer they last.Before you come in for your next appointment,It is always good to book in advance as our service is by appointment only and because we are very busy especially for evening booking and weekend

We understand that sometimes you have your favourite technician, so please let us know if you want to request any specific one,Come in with heavy make up is NOT recommended as we will have less time to apply your Mink eyelashes,Make sure you Mink eyelashes are clean from any eye make up, eyeliner or mascara. Unclean eyelid and Mink eyelashes will effect the retention of your Mink eyelashes.

We love kids but we recommend not to bring them as our salon has the chemical, wax pot and sharp object like tweezers in the room. We want to ensure a relaxing, safe and distraction free experience for everyone

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