False Lashes 

How to uninstall false lashes

Last false lashes tear directly. This is not good for the eyelids and after torn eyelashes glue still remain on the eyelids, wash with facial cleanser or sticky how should we unload it.

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There is also the home after the use of false lashes, it is best to use mascara brush to make true and false eyelashes mix, it is not false eyelashes to remove after cleansing liquid to clean up, remove the mascara?

What other areas need to pay attention to false lashes ?
1, with a cotton swab to take cleansing oil, rub the roots of false eyelashes, the way must be gentle, do not be too hard.

2, after a while false eyelashes will automatically fall off. 3, then take a clean cotton pad with makeup remover oil on the cotton deposited on the eyes, remember to close your eyes, apply 5 seconds later won the cotton pad when gestures gently take a look.

4, wait 10-15 seconds, gently pull off the false lashes .
5, while the glue is melting occasion, wipe the false lashes on the paper towel.
6, so that’s it.

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