How To Choice Salable EyeLash Sample Pack Orders??–In Here!!!

We have been engaged in the Eyelash Business for many years. We have met many customers asking us:

I only have a budget of tens of dollars.How to choose eyelashes?

I want to try your Mink Eyelash samples before ordering in bulk?

What is the MOQ for Eyelashes?

How long can I receive my eyelashes?

How many Style Eyelash Sample Packs do you have?

20mm Minklashes Wholesale Price Eyelash Vendor

20mm Minklashes Wholesale Price Eyelash Vendor

Now, please ask Cartire Lashes to help your Eyelash Business. We also provide a variety of best-selling sample packs with mixed lengths for you to choose from4-16-20mm Mink Eyelash Sample Pack

16MM & 20MM Mink Lashes Sample Pack

16-22-25MM Minklashes Wholesale Vendor Sample Pack

16-22-25MM Mink lashes Wholesale Vendor Sample Pack

The sample packs we provide are at Wholesale 16mm,20mm,22mm,25mm Siberian Mink Lashes and the Production time is only take 2-3 working days, and you will receive your favorite mink eyelashes in the shortest time.

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