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Mink eyelashes Secret longer lasting

Mink eyelashes Secret longer lasting

Achieving longer lasting mink eyelashes is not solely based on a Lash Cartire lashes’s technique or the mink lashes adhesive (glue) that was used.  It’s also about at-home care. In addition to using a compatible lash extension makeup removing cleanser and lash extension compatible cosmetics, one key aftercare step is also very important: Protection!

Longer Lasting mink eyelashes with an Eyelash Extension Sealer.

Mink lashes and discovered that by protecting the attachment area between the eyelash extension and natural eyelash from mechanical and chemical environmental stressors including water, humidity, tears, oils, sweat, makeup, dust, and debris, longer lasting lashes can be achieved. From that scientific discovery, Cartire Lashes® Protective Coating, an innovative eyelash extension sealer, was developed.

Why use an mink lashes Sealer

Protective Coating was designed for every eyelash extension wearer. However, those who subject themselves to excessive water, sweat, steam, and humidity need to use it because they are more prone to losing mink lashes faster compared to those who do not subject themselves to these environmental or lifestyle factors due to hydrolysis.

Hydrolysis is the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water.  Simply put, water destroys the Cartirelashes mink lashes adhesive bond. And, the mink lashes adhesive (glue) is susceptible to destruction from water. So, athletes who participate in sports such as swimming, hot yoga, and heavy aerobics such as running, or cycling are the most susceptible.

How to Protect mink lashes

Every eyelash extension wearer should apply Protective Coating on their extended silk lashes factory once to twice a week to protect their mink lashes. Apply this product after your shower and only apply it on clean extended lashes to avoid product build-up. Watch our Application Tutorial below:

Extra Care for mink lashes

If you participate in strenuous exercise or activities that induce a lot of sweating, extra care is needed and increasing application to 3 times per week is suggested. Cartire recommends applying Protective Coating to freshly cleansed lashes and prior to heavy exercising. Doing so helps provide protection, while preventing product build-up.

“View Protective Coating as an armor against environmental factors!”  Cartire

Lash Refills & Protective Coating, Now that you know how to better protect and care for 3d mink eyelashes, Cartire’s last and final tip is to remember the date of your upcoming (lash Cartire) appointment.

“I schedule a reminder on my phone to alert me of  appointment 2 days before it’s due. This prompts me to stop applying Protective Coating during those 2 days. Not applying mink lashes sealer 2 days before a helps ensure that there is no build-up left behind that could prevent a strong mink lashes attachment.”


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