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Curling Your Natural Lashes

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Many people often skip the all-important step of curling their natural lashes, as they either don’t know how to properly curl them, or they simply don’t realise the effect it has. If you love the look of lengthened, curled lashes then using an eyelash curler is essential.

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Here at www.cartirelashes.com, we believe curling your eyelashes either before applying mascara, or popping on your falsies is crucial when wanting to achieve an extra lift. Curling your natural lashes not only makes them instantly appear longer, it also opens your eyes helping you look more awake, providing a wide eyed effect.

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We have a selection of stunning eyelash curlers available to purchase on our website, from sleek, simple designs to glamorous curlers from some of our top brands such as MIIS Lashes. We also stock a range of precision eyelash curlers, miniature eyelash curlers and travel eyelash curlers, so if you don’t require a classic pair of curlers, or want to try something new, we definitely have a product to suit your needs.

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Curling your lashes correctly is vital to avoid damaging your eyes, natural lashes or causing any unnecessary pain! It is a quick and easy procedure once you know exactly what you’re doing. Here’s how to curl your lashes:

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Step one:

Make sure your lashes are completely clean and free from any makeup, curling your lashes with mascara on can result in a smudged, sticky mess and it can also ruin your eyelash curlers.

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Step two:

Hold the eyelash curler using the handles and position them so they are open as far wide as possible. Position the bottom silicone pad underneath your lashes. Try to ensure they are as close to the base of your lashes in order to get the best curl possible.

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Step three:

Once your lashes are positioned, gently press the two handles together so that your lashes are in between both silicone pads and hold this in place for approximately 60 seconds.

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Step four:

After you have waited for the appropriate time, slowly release the handles and remove the curler from your lashes.

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Step five:

If you are happy with the outcome, then you can go ahead and apply your personal choice of mascara. If you feel as though you want a more dramatic curl, then you can repeat the previous steps until you achieve the results you desire.

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Could you be without your eyelash curlers?