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Cartire Lashes is one of the most professional supplier of high-quality mink eyelashes and customized packaging. We have nearly a hundred hand-made 100% Mink Eyelashes of different lengths. Because we advocate environmental protection and care for animals, our mink eyelashes are processed Without Cruelty the way.

25mm Siberia Mink Lash Wholesale usa

25mm Siberia Mink Lash Wholesale usa

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We provide Custom Packaging for Eyelashes, there are nearly 200 styles, and we can also Customize the Eyelash Packaging you want according to customer requirements! Our custom packaging is Wholesale Price, high-quality, and fashionable, and is very popular with many buyers!!!

Dripping Eyelash Custom Boxes

Dripping Eyelash Custom Boxes With Logo Wholesale in usa

Drawer Pink Money Custom Eyelash Packaging With Logo

Drawer Pink Money Custom Eyelash Packaging With Logo

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